LETTER: Should we trust our MP in face of financial meltdown?

It was interesting to read about the recent interview with our local MP.

With the world’s finances in almost total meltdown, Cameron, Clegg and Boy George have placed their trust in the economic acumen of our Gordon.

This perhaps highlights the total farce of this ConDem Government. Grandiose titles are given to so-called Liberal Democrats to appease Mr Clegg.

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However, our Gordon should be complimented for his boundless energy and persistence to please. For a man of his age he shows amazing vitality to jump from one bandwagon to another. He shows total dedication to travel from one photo shoot to the next. Sadly he will attend any school awards evening in an attempt to be taken seriously as our MP regardless of the damage to young people caused by the ConDems. The damage to the youth of Burnley and Padiham will be immeasurable over the next three years.

Thankfully towards the end of the interview he declined to say whether he would stand again at the next election which may be sooner rather than later. As youth unemployment rises and good honest Burnley and Padiham people in the public sector lose their jobs perhaps Gordon should retire on a fat pension and cease to be a political nuisance with very little ability or credibility.

As stated during his Burnley Express exclusive interview he finds it amazing that one minute he is in No 11 Downing Street helping to solve the budget deficit with such people as the chancellor and the governor of the Bank of England and the next minute he’s back in Burnley investigating dog fouling problems. With this in mind I think he should play to his strengths.

Finally, next time our Gordon meets Mr King he should perhaps ask him about the detail of the budget deficit. When addressing the Trade Union Conference the governor openly admitted the financial disaster was the fault of the financial sector and openly blamed the banks and policy makers. He further added that prior to the financial crisis there was steady growth and high employment. Lastly maybe our MP will stop making naive, misleading statements about where the blame should be apportioned. Burnley and Padiham may be proudly working class but we are not stupid.