LETTER: Same-sex marriage discriminates against heterosexuals

I’ve done my bit for Britain, but I no longer trust the British establishment.

So what’s new? Without a mandate from the British people, we get another blindside hit from the liberal elite and their left-wing allies. I don’t have a wooden heart, but surely another title could have been found apart from “same-sex marriage”?

Another spanner thrown into the meaning of the word “normality”? Gay can mean lively, merry or cheerful. The definition of heterosexual is “sexually or emotionally attracted to the opposite sex”. So where do bisexual people fit into all of this? The plot thickens.

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Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg, your pathetic government is giving me high blood pressure. Are you bothered? Are your supporters? As I see it, this is just one more money-making machine for the law industry. What happens when one of the gay couple dies? Does the living partner automatically get a widow’s pension?

Same sex “marriage” also discriminates against the heterosexual majority population. A gay couple can have a marriage or a civil partnership. Heterosexuals like me have marriage or it’s “over the brush”. This isn’t equality.

Have the politicians got it right or have they got it wrong? I believe World War II hero Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave.


Station Road, Whalley