LETTER: Sabden parking - is it illegal?

I AM writing in response to your letter and photo in Valley Views on June 30th regarding “Illegal parking not just in Clitheroe”.

One of the cars pictured on the photo is my car, and yes, I do know it is illegal to park on a pavement, or is it?

Section 244 of the Highway Code states: “You MUST NOT park partially or wholly on the pavement in London”, but with us not living in London and the pavement being more the double the size I am not causing any obstruction to prams, wheelchairs or other pedestrians using the pavement and always consider this before parking there.

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I would much rather park illegally there, where it causes no harm to people, than park my car illegally on the yellow zigzags outside the school 100 yards up the road and cause a fatal accident, or illegally on the corner of the junctions causing obstruction to many, including the emergency services on a life-threatening call-out.

Your correspondent insinuated we only move the car when the local bobby arrives in the village by prior information, which is nothing but falsified hearsay (and I hope the bobby responds to that). When we drive back into the village, if there is a parking space on the street we do park on the street, therefore causing others to then park illegally on the pavements.

Looking around the village and towns, many are in the same situation. And you ask what the relevant authorities are doing about it?

Well, they are building more houses on our street and only allocating 1.67 parking spaces per house!

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How many houses have 1.67 cars? Living in a rural village, most have two and many families having older children still living at home have three!

In light of this, I would ask the writer to consider factors surrounding issues such as these, and give thought to the people involved before writing letters and taking photographs of a person’s property.


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