LETTER: Pubs are closing at an alarming rate

The ALARMING rate at which the local pub is disappearing from towns is something to be considered.

A local pub is more than just a business supplying alochol. In a village, for example, the hub of the community is the pub. I know they have village halls but really the main event of the week is a get-together in the local. The point I am trying to make is the value you put on socialising. Human beings enjoy the company of others in an environment that is managed well. The consumption of a measured amount of alcohol is no bad thing. There is evidence to suggest one or two pints is beneficial to your health.

I understand that in Brierfield there is only one pub left - the Feathers on the main road. The problem seems to be that the overheads in running a pub mean it’s necessary to take over £700 a week just to cover rent, electricity, rates, and staff, before the management makes anything for themselves.

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If you need convincing, just take a walk around your neighbourhood. Don’t forget before the pub gets boarded up there is usually some poor soul working all the hours God sends and spending all of their savings just to keep the doors open.

I make the point that while there are still local pubs open, an urgent repraisal needs to be made. Pubs will need help to survive, if we want the luxury of a local pub then subsidies will have to be made. An exclusion from business rates as a valuable community asset may be all that is needed to stop the heart of the community from being ripped out. In Greece they have government sponsored bars which are cheaper for drinks.