LETTER: Public opposed to badger cull

The badger cull is due to start sometime after June 1st in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Eminent scientists are queuing up to denounce the proposed killing.

And so are wildlife experts like David Attenborough, Bill Oddie and Chris Packham.

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Public opinion polls show just how unpopular is this policy – and they were conducted even before it was known that taxpayers would be paying for the policing of the culls.

Local tourist offices have expressed deep concerns over loss of trade to the affected regions and even MPs have voted to abandon this cull. 
In Wales – where the available science is exactly the same – the Government has chosen to vaccinate badgers, not kill them.

It is a mystery why Westminster has chosen such a hugely unpopular and unscientific course of action.

As well as shooting badgers, it has shot itself in the foot.

I suspect the Government will pay dearly when it comes to election time.

Badgers have friends… and those friends have votes.

Kate Fowler

Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid