LETTER: Proud to speak out for the people of Burnley and Padiham

I WOULD like to respond to the letter sent in by a R. Aslin.

Firstly, it looks like R. Aslin (sorry not sure if the writer is a Mr or Mrs) has misunderstood my points of view on the position of the possible closure of Fraser Street Community Centre or any other community centre for that matter.

The point I was making is that if it comes to a choice of where a community centre can be saved if it reverts to being run by volunteers and not paid employees, then for the sake of its existence and its users either youngsters or the elderly then surely that is the way to go for the immediate future.

If things change for the better in future then that’s good, but at least with taking these measures now hopefully it will turn out to be a positive and beneficial move in saving the community centre and can carry on serving local residents for years to come.

Surely this makes sense.

And yes, as the writer says, I am an elected councillor for both Burnley and for Lancashire and I’m very proud to be so.

Part of being a representative for the town is to listen and fight for what residents want.

I agree I can be verbal in my attacks on things I don’t agree with or believe are not right for the people of this town – it is called being “passionate” in what I do.

Now if that’s shouting my mouth off, as the writer has stated, then I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have no intention of changing my ways and will carry on doing what you say I do best. It’s called voicing your opinions and fighting for the residents of Burnley and Padiham.


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Maybe if there had been more councillors over the last 25 years or so who were willing to speak up for the people of this town, express their views and put their heads over the parapet like I do 365 days a year then the borough might be in a better position.


County Councillor for Burnley S/W Division

District Councillor For Rosehill with Burnley Wood