LETTER: Politicians have lost the plot on saving cash

In my letter on spending priorities, I claimed that when it comes to managing the country’s finances in these austere times, politicians seem totally unaware of the need to spend what little money is available on essential services only.

Sunday, 7th August 2011, 3:59 pm

Proof, if any more was needed, came in a recent newspaper report which said a £156m. campaign is being mounted by the Government to persuade people to forsake their cars and walk, cycle, or use buses when they go to work, shopping or take their children to and from school.

Of the 39 councils who will share the “sustainable transport” money, all but seven (one of whom I hope is Pendle) said they will use some of it to advise people how they can get around without their cars! Travel advisors, armed with bus timetables and cycle route maps will be paid to go from door-to-door, and lecture on the need for “sustainable travel”.

The report says many homes will be visited twice. Once for the advisors to give advice, etc., and three months later to check whether that advice has been followed. By the way, nowhere in the report does it say what means of transport the travel advisors will be using!

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If anyone still has doubts our political masters have truly lost the plot, then this latest scheme should certainly dispel them.