LETTER: Plans for Clitheroe bypass

firstly, well done Clitheroe town councillors on deferring the application for homes at Henthorn.

Thursday, 28th July 2011, 4:27 pm

Yes, you are right the access is too narrow, but only marginally – 60cm – and it should have a service strip for street lighting on the opposite side for the size of the proposed development. The land opposite is owned by the Ashworth family and is not for sale.

We could have developed the opposite side of Henthorn Road for fewer homes, but Ribble Valley Borough Council would then have allowed more at the site in question. We were aware residents would not welcome this and decided to involve a professional planning group to develop the idea I wanted, not just for Henthorn, but Clitheroe as well.

This group is now acting on my proposal and plans are being drawn up for a bypass from the main access into Clitheroe (linking up to the roundabout on the A59) to Edisford Road, which includes the site in question at Henthorn, as this would have blocked it.

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The benefits of this bypass are many:

1. Reduces traffic through Clitheroe town centre.

2. Residents of Henthorn, Edisford, Low Moor, Mitton, Hurst Green, Bashall Eaves and other villages off Longridge Road would all have access and egress, without going through Clitheroe town centre.

3. Tourists with caravans would have a direct route to Edisford.

4. It could provide all the new homes needed, and more, without alarming existing residents of the town, if the proposed new village at Standen Hall estate is developed as well.

5. This would be good news for residents of Whalley and Barrow, as there would be no need for development there.

6. Retail parks would be developed besides the new homes, providing retail amenities for residents linked to the bypass and, of course, employment.

7. New schools would be provided by the developers.

8. Provision of new open spaces and recreational areas.

So now residents of Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley have an alternative to the options proposed by RVBC.

Do we want a community voting war as suggested in a letter last week – is that not discrimination against minority groups? RVBC beware: village residents could go to the Court of Human Rights with your existing options.

A note to council members on the planning committee: carry on deferring if you want, but it would be better for Clitheroe if you turn down the application at Henthorn. I have given you enough ammunition to do it – so fire away, the developers will lose at appeal so they will amend their plan to incorporate the proposed bypass.

Could residents of the Ribble Valley write to RVBC before August 5th if you support this alternative option. It is time to decide and deliver the future of the Ribble Valley. Let’s have some progress and prosperity for the residents, not just the developers.


Low Moor Farm,