LETTER: Pay to park in Burnley in the evenings

WE should like to make readers aware of the provisions of the new Borough of Burnley (Off Street Parking Places Order 2010) which comes into force on January 4th 2011.

Under this order, while there are no increases for short stay parking, there are increases for long stay parking and for contract parking. There is an additional provision under which on the main town car parks (Thompson Centre, Centenary Way and King Street) charges will be made for parking on Monday to Saturday until 9 p.m.

This trust objected to the proposed order but at a hearing which we both attended on November 4th the order was made despite our objections in particular to charges until 9 p.m. While this does not affect on-street parking at the present time it does mean that to avoid paying parking charges after 6 p.m. motorists will have to find a vacant space on the streets. This we believe will be very difficult in the centre itself and will lead to drivers touring the streets for somewhere to park.

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The council has made it clear its intention in making this order is to take advantage of parking in Burnley for football matches and other significant events in town.

This means that for the sake of obtaining revenue on those particular days everyone wishing to use the car parks will have to pay whenever they wish to use them. It was quite clear from the statements made by the council officials at the hearing that the council does not intend to monitor parking other than on match days, except periodically. This means, of course, the public will be afraid of parking at any time in the evening in case a penalty notice is issued. This does not seem to us to be at all fair.

We believe many people will be affected by these new provisions when using the town hall or Burnley Mechanics in the evening and indeed the premises which supply the town’s night life especially on Friday and Saturdays.

It will also affect late night shopping at Christmas and at other times and will, we belive, affect the trade in Burnley centre.

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We think this aspect of the order is very hard on the people of Burnley and those who come into the town centre in the evening. What are your readers’ views?