LETTER: Other religions take precedent over Christianity

As a child, I remember the disappointment in discovering the old guy in the red coat and white beard who appeared at Christmas was a myth.

As I got older, I was taught Britain was a democracy; a beacon for the world to build upon. Over the years, the doubts about this grew as I saw the politicians of the time ignore the will of the people and election promises disappear the way of the myth of Santa Claus.

Over the last few years, this state of affairs has got worse in many ways. For example, last week, we saw all three party leaders make idiots of themselves on the vote for a referendum on our relationship with Europe.

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They ask us to email them on things we the people want sorted out. You would know the top three before you asked the question - the return of capital punishment, the repeal of the Human Rights Act that is crippling our country and, of course, the old favourite Europe, where most of us just want a trading arrangement and nothing more.

In fact, poll after poll shows around 70% of us would like to have a re-run on those three subjects, so we did as the MPs wanted - we sent in our petitions, achieved the 100,000 required names, and what happens? We disgusting peasants have dared to go against the wishes of those in Parliament, who seem to live on another planet once elected, and I make no difference between any of them. Once again in this country, the minority wishes take precedent over the majority.

But it’s not just politics. A recent poll shows 80% regard ourselves as Christian - we might not all go to church, but that’s the religious ideals we generally follow.

However, l almost all other religions take precedent. Islam is followed by around 3.5 million Muslims according to official figures (that probably means around five million in proper figures), but there are around 60 million Christians, so what’s the deal?

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We have the Jewish religion, Hindu, Sikhs, you name it, we got it, all of whom are welcome to practice their faith, but none of whom should be even allowed to demand precedent over Christianity. We have people losing their jobs for even saying they are a Christian in this Christian country.

Try being a Christian in many Muslim or Hindu countries, and asking to be given preference. It could lead to and often is a death sentence. I appreciate the Anglican church of which I am a member is led by the worst failure of an Archbishop on record, but still 80% of the population still stick to their faith.

The gay lobby is running barmy. If we are not careful, it could become compulsory if the zealots have their way. Again, what you do behind your own front door is your problem, but don’t force it on the rest of us, don’t demand preference over the majority, or again this democratic country we are supposed to live in appears to be anything but.

However we do have a very democratic solution for all the minorities, of which I do stress only a tiny percentage from these groups cause the issues. They are called airports, seaports and Channel Tunnels and those who oppose our Christian democracy are free to use them to go to a place of their own choosing that may smile upon the way they wish to live, and they have my full support to take this path. Would they mind taking three idiotic political party leaders and a whole host of undemocratic members of Parliament with them?

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And if you see a guy in a red cloak and white beard saying ho ho ho on your travels, ask him to call in and restore my sanity and maybe the rest of the democrats left here.


Kibble Grove, Brierfield