LETTER: Old lady has already been killed at Chatburn danger junction

THERE is a notice by the Post Office in the centre of Chatburn: “Who will be the first to die on this suicidal junction?

Sunday, 22nd January 2012, 2:59 pm

The comment is out of date. It should read who will be the NEXT to die on this suicidal junction?

Coun. Howard Douglas recalls the agony he suffered attending a dying old lady after she had been knocked down by a car.

I do not favour traffic lights or a zebra crossing, which can bring traffic screaming to a halt, or can be abused by errant passers-by.

Immediately a mini-roundabout at the junction with Ribble Lane would slow down traffic coming from either direction on the main road and would allow right of access to the main road for traffic approaching from Ribble Lane.


St Chads Avenue,