LETTER: New urgent care centre is not down to our MP

AFTER reading the article in the Express and online on Friday, March 9th, with the headline: £9m. new urgent care centre for Burnley General Hospital you are asking for our, the public’s response. Well, where do I begin?

Andrew Landsley may well have announced the new unit would be going ahead but it has always been the intention of replacing the existing unit with a new one. It is, after all, part of a five-year plan which our Lib/Dem MP must have known about from the word go. I find myself wondering just why he didn’t bother informing us of that fact. Well, we know now don’t we, it’s his last desperate throw of the dice, but quite how that man can make these statements beggars belief, let alone look people in the eye while doing so.

I think it fair to say most people who vote for him did so in the hope he would indeed get the A&E unit back at BGH and in that he has let the people of Burnley down big style. He wasn’t even in any position to honour his promise. Oh yes, he and his cronies on the council let off a lot of hot air but that’s all that was, hot air. He even demanded and got an inquiry, pity he never submitted any of the so-called evidence and what is more telling is the FACT he didn’t even bother turning up, so for him to utter such absurd claims is beyond my comprehension. I choose to believe the deputy head’s statement, which must have made his cereal milk curdle in the bowl. (There will be no change, patients needing urgent blue light emergency treatment will still be taken to Blackburn). So there you have it in a nutshell. His claims to have returned an A&E unit to Burnley can only be put down to delusional aspirations as it’s simply not the case. Mind you, the unit will be brand new so will obviously contain better equipment. Now, in my book that’s an improvement which I’m sure will be welcomed and recognised by the public for what is a positive move but not down to Gordon Birtwistle or this council, they don’t recognise positivity, they have just proved that in spades.