LETTER: New leader of Labour Party does matter

MISTER Pendle says it will not make any difference to the people of Pendle who leads the Labour Party.

I think it is important to know which person is hoping to run the country and ruin the nation’s finances once again. Labour tried to pass all the blame for our recession on to the banks and America but when a Labour Chancellor changed banking regulations in 1997 and made it easier for banks to gamble and lend money to bad risks, what else did he expect them to do?

Now Labour have appointed as Shadow Chancellor another man who has no knowledge or qualifications in economics. So what should we expect to happen if he becomes Chancellor?

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If Mr Pendle, with his little interest in and knowledge of football, was appointed manager of Burnley FC, what would the supporters say? Yet when it comes to running the country’s finances, arguably a more important job, it doesn’t appear to matter who takes over as long as he has enough influence. So was it really any wonder the credit crisis hit us so badly? The same argument applies equally to the Tory party and George Osborne. What credentials has he got? None.

Mr Pendle certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest when he said he didn’t know or care about the origin of the universe and the need for a God. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that the way the planet is today can be likened to a marathon run. We do not know exactly where we started from but we now know much of the route we took to get to here. And none of this required the involvement of any supernatural being.

In fact, when you actually think about it, you have to question that if a God exists, then who or what created him/her? If the answer, regularly trotted out by believers, is that God is eternal, then what is the difficulty in imagining a non-intelligent, eternal, physical essence creating our universe which has no more idea of our existence than we have of it? The logical odds of probability must surely be weighted in favour of this kind of hypothesis than any other.

It appears to me the idea of God is just an outdated, superstitious invention of an unnecessary step in the process to explain the ignorance all humans share on the subject. An invention intended to remove fear of the unknown and instil fear in those who do not submit to the religion inculcated into their minds since birth by parents, teachers and clergy alike.

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Claremont Street, Colne