LETTER: Nelson is a dump

If you go though Colne or Barrowford or Brierfield, they all look nice with flowers blooming from the railings and from hanging boxes.

Sunday, 7th August 2011, 8:06 pm

Now come to Nelson. The few gardens in the town are full of weeds and rubbish and there are not enough flower boxes throughout the town. Nelson is a town in neglect compared with the rest of Pendle.

You only need to look around at the new bus station to see the weeds growing in the gardens around it.

Nelson needs Pendle Council and local businesses to spend some money on it. In general, Nelson is a dump now compared with what it looked like in the 1950s and 1960s.

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It’s no use trying to do the centre up when the rest of the town needs a big overhaul. Nelson compared with the rest of Pendle is a town that the council has forgotten about over the years. It needs a damn good clean up because it’s a dump.

I am a Nelsoner born and bred and worked on the council. I have seen the town fall into disrepair over the last 60 odd years or so.


Percy Street, Nelson