LETTER: MP cares for our local health services

I WOULD like to respond to K.Royle’s letter (Friday, September 30th).

While PFI was introduced by John Major it expanded quickly under the last Labour government.

Labour was originally opposed to PFI but embraced it once in Government.

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They had the chance to end the PFI culture but failed and built up a huge amount of debt on PFI projects, just another example of Labour hypocrisy.

Also, if I remember correctly. Gordon Birtwistle promised to fight for the return of A&E, he never promised he could return it.

He has tried his best and took the fight as far as is possible. This is more than the last MP for Burnley did.

Labour’s Kitty Usher simply stood by while her government, of which she was a central part, introduced the Meeting Patients’ Needs programme and destroyed our local hospital. Don’t forget the decision to close the hospital was taken in 2006 not 2010.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the new Health and Social Care Bill, I can understand why our MP has supported it through Parliament.

I know he cares about our local health services, which is more than I can say for any of the local Labour group who endorsed the closure of A&E and the children’s ward at Burnley General Hospital.


Healey Wood, Burnley