LETTER: Most people don’t want Pendle-Palestine twinning

before everyone becomes too super-heated over the various merits/diadvantages of twinning with Beit Leed in the Palestinian West Bank, and before we become too bogged down in the impenetrable arguments that cause arms to be sold to kill real people, I would like to ask what mandate the council has for twinning with anywhere.

Most folks are studiously uninterested in any of it and, of the few who are interested, how many are likely to go there?

So why not save a lot of argument – and certainly some money – and scrap the whole idea?

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Apart from (perhaps) some council employees, no one will notice, I’m sure.

Has the council really achieved all its priority and reason for existence duties and done them so well it can afford to spend the citizens of Pendle’s council tax on whimsical cosmetics?

Has austerity passed Nelson by, perhaps?

Judging by the look of the town centre and its nightmare traffic system, and Halifax Road with its car mangling tank traps – innocently designated as a traffic calming measure, my call – after shooting the designer – would be that there are more urgent and practical things to get involved with before we start playing bonny with twinning.

I feel some retraining and education as to why we citizens collectively allow there to be councils at all is probably greatly overdue.


Halifax Road