LETTER: More thought needed on wakeboarding plans

I ATTENDED the Friends of Rowley meeting on March 12th and was dismayed at the lack of understanding the council official showed to the concerns of people attending or issues with Rowley as a water sports venue.

The meeting was informed the council has carried out its own water quality checks and environmental impact study. From these results concerns were raised that levels of heavy metals leaving the lake are lower than levels entering, implying these are being deposited in the lake sediment; no checks have been carried out for what the levels are in the sediment. Levels of E. coli are also high, although within limits but again no checks or consideration has been taken for the effects the disturbance of sediment will have.

After studying the plans, I went down to Rowley on Sunday and the proposed site is covered with native bluebells, although at this time of year I could not confirm they are native as they are not yet in flower.

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The meeting was informed no rare or endangered species would be affected by the scheme as none were found to be present. Native bluebells are currently under threat due to hybridization with Spanish bluebells, the council has not factored in the cost of moving/protecting these.

I do hope the council has put more thought into the sustainability of this wakeboard scheme than it has into the safety of the public and the impact on native wildlife or perhaps they are thinking that white elephants will attract investment and job opportunities into the borough.