LETTER: McDonalds is lacking in Christmas spirit

SHAME on you McDonalds. Where is your Christmas spirit? On Thursday, December 8th, some of the pupils from Brunshaw Primary School entertained late-night shoppers in Burnley town centre.

From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. they sang Christmas songs. They were on the bandstand for two hours in freezing weather but it didn’t stop them belting out their songs.

During a short interval, staff took them all into McDonalds to get hot chocolate drinks to warm them up and tried hard to negotiate a reduction in price.

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These children provided two hours of fantastic Christmas entertainment outside your establishment, they attracted many customers for you. Many of the spectators stayed for the full two hours to support the children and during this time they bought many warm drinks and food.

Where is your Christmas spirit? You should have given these children hot drinks free of charge. They worked extremely hard to collect donations for the school funds and I am sure that it is groups such as theirs which make late-night shopping a pleasure in our town.

If businesses in Burnley want to attract the shoppers then they need to get more involved with groups that are willing to stand in the cold for two hours to entertain.

To the Brunshaw singers, I say well done to you all, absolutely fantastic entertainment. You did your school proud.


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