LETTER: Lack of goodwill over parking charge

IS there no goodwill left in Burnley?

I went down town today for an eye appointment and chose to use the Woolworth car park, as I always do. I got my ticket on entering, but as soon as I had parked, without getting out of my car, I realised I had left my Switch card at home and needed to go back for it.

I took my ticket to the office and explained my mistake, also explaining I had literally only parked up for a few seconds and therefore was hoping not to have to pay for an hour’s parking at the cost of a £1.

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After two of the attendants looked at me has if I had two heads, both of whom were reluctant to get out of their seats to even speak to me, I was told they could do nothing; I had to pay the fee. End of chat!

Burnley is a failing town and with a lack of goodwill such as this is it any wonder people choose to travel to Blackburn, Bury, and Manchester etc. to spend their hard-earned cash. I will never use this car park again.