LETTER: Labour wrong to take the credit

I’VE just received the Burnley Council brochure through my door called “CREATING THE BURNLEY WE WANT”.

I found it to be an informative and interesting read, but what really caught my attention was the forward by Coun. Julie Cooper accompanied by a photo, seemingly taking credit for the regeneration of the Weavers’ Triangle, the development of Burnley Bridge, also the village development at the former Michelin site and, last but not least, the opening of the Todmorden Curve.

May I remind Coun. Cooper the Weavers’ Triangle, Burnley Bridge and old Michelin site/village were all brought to fruition under the Liberal Democrat-run Burnley Council and MP Gordon Birtwistle, and the success we are seeing with the Todmorden Curve should be credited to Conservative Coun. David Heginbotham.

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I think Coun. Cooper and her Executive team are grasping at other people’s achievements as they have none of their own.

Yes I agree Coun. Cooper the above developments are all good news for Burnley but give credit to the right people, don’t take it for yourself.