LETTER: Joined-up thinking needed over bridge closure

I was amazed on Good Friday morning to find West Bradford Bridge had been closed!

As far as I could see, the damage that occurred two weeks ago had not worsened and there was no one working to repair it.

Despite previous complaints, Lancashire County Council have again totally ignored the inconvenience and expense residents and visitors suffer by closing the bridge days before it is necessary.

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No doubt, the work will be scheduled over a number of weeks and they will proudly announce they have completed it a day or so early.

I am sure I am not alone among residents in hoping for some joined-up thinking from the officers of the council and our elected representatives in relation to the saga of West Bradford bridge.

I hear there have been a number of meetings with the council, West Bradford Parish Council, the police and representatives from Ribble Valley Borough Council. In 12 months, the only visible progress is that the weight limit sign on the Clitheroe side that had disappeared was eventually replaced after six months.

There are still no signs on the West Bradford side and the latest suggestion, as reported in the Clitheroe Advertiser, is to erect signs advising drivers of HGVs to “take care” crossing the bridge. I doubt if any of the vehicles causing damage are within the 7.5 tonne limit.

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I cannot understand why the county council does not put up the signs and enforce the limit. I am sure residents would gladly report vehicles breaking the law if they felt action would be taken.

Although this type of restriction would normally be flagged up on SatNav systems and Google Maps, West Bradford bridge doesn’t register. Why doesn’t the council contact these information providers and ensure their records are correct.

Every time the bridge is damaged, as well as inconveniencing residents and visitors, thousands of pounds are spent on the repairs. I am sure there are far better ways for the county council to spend our council tax than the continual repair of this bridge!

Dave Wilson

West Bradford