LETTER: Introduction of Clitheroe Quid is on the cards

As there have been several serious local issues reported in the Advertiser recently, I wondered if a little light relief may be welcome, so here is my attempt to offer a slight change of tone.

Following the successful launch of the local shopping voucher scheme, and after I saw something on TV about the “Bristol Pound” at about the same time, how about Clitheroe having its own currency?

If the idea appeals, maybe it could be called “The Clitheroe Quid”. With apologies to the deceased radio comedian who had a similar sounding name.



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Editor’s note: An excellent notion from Mr Hill and one which would no doubt catch on across the Valley. Might we soon see the Downham Dollar, the Dunsop Bridge Doubloon, Wiswell Wonga, Grindleton Greenbacks, the Bashall Buck, Rimington Readies, Slaidburn Spondulicks, the Cow Ark Crown and the Waddington Wad? Ah, but who would set the exchange rate...

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