LETTER: Hope Nelson park cafe is a success

i HOPE the cafe in Victoria Park, Nelson, will be a huge success.

However, I would caution Louise Hoole and Petra Wilson not to let their enthusiasm run away with them.

Over the years there have been several attempts to make the cafe viable and, for a variety of reasons, all have failed, so I am suggesting they test the water first by offering beverages, bacon sarnies, toasted teacakes and perhaps soup and rolls – in fact, anything that can be cooked to order.

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Preparing hot meals and desserts using produce grown in their kitchen garden, having a range of sandwich fillings and fancy cakes could be a very costly exercise if low footfall means the foodstuff has to be thrown away.

Someone at Pendle Council has said that having a cafe will increase the number of people using the park. Again, I hope so because the scheme to get people walking has been a waste of time and money.

I hope the council will use the rent it gets for the pavilion to tidy up the park and keep it in good order. At the moment it is a mess and unless it is made more welcoming then neither it nor the cafe will benefit.