LETTER: Hold your hands up Labour

IN reference to the article in the Burnley Express (Friday, December 28th), stating tax benefit to be slashed by 8.5%.

It seems to me that the Labour-run Burnley Council is quietly breaking the ice on forthcoming council tax bills.

I think most of us know times are changing; the people of Burnley benefited by no rise in council tax for the past four years.

But what surprises me is the way the Labour council is deflecting the blame away from itself on the administration of 2013 council tax bills.

Mark Townsend stated: “After a public consultation, the people have spoken and believe the unemployed should pay towards their council tax.” Could Mr Townsend state the percentage of the turn-out of the public consultation?

Another Labour councillor, Betsy Stringer, blamed the Coalition Government.

I would have more respect for this Labour council if its members would just hold their hands up and admit the previous Labour Government got us into this mess with its overspending. What did one Minister say on leaving office: “Good luck, there’s nothing left.”

It is obvious the Labour council does not want to look like the bad guy. It states it is a “Poll Tax on the poor” then blames everyone – even the people of Burnley – rather than its own administration. But, then, there has been no good news to come out of this Labour council since it came to power.



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