LETTER: Help2Buy will get me on property ladder

I REGULARLY read these letters pages, and just a few weeks ago the BNP’s John Rowe wrote criticising the Government for not encouraging home ownership.

I’m 22, and never thought I’d be able to get the deposit together to buy my own home until the Budget last month.

I was chatting to some people about this, and it would seem the Government is doing a great deal to encourage home ownership.

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Having looked into this more, I think the new Help2Buy scheme could be just the thing people like me need to get a leg up on the housing ladder. It means I will essentially be able to get a mortgage with just a 5% deposit, and the Government guaranteeing 20% of the mortgage. I would think there are a lot of people around here who just presumed, like me, they would never be able to get a mortgage.

Hopefully, this new announcement will be something that gets a large part of my generation on to the ladder, and the property market moving again. It gives me something to work towards and aspire to.

I presume it was nothing more than a coincidence the Chancellor made this announcement just a week after John Rowe’s letter.

I can’t imagine much of what he said was of interest to the Chancellor, but Mr Osborne is to be congratulated for giving people my age a chance of owning a house they can call home.



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