LETTER: Fair and honest debate over Bedroom Tax welcome

Your correspondent last week tells us that “Bedroom Tax” has nothing to do with the Human Rights Act.

Of course he assumes I have gained my knowledge from reports in newspapers which he seems to despise. However, I also have been educated and I have lived a very varied life and had a career that involved working with people of many different backgrounds.

I have also lost relatives in defence of our country and will insist on having an opinion even if it differs from his. Life is life and we all travel different journeys and have different life experiences. I would like to bring all the children of Syria to our country. They don’t deserve what’s happening to them. I do have great compassion for the genuine persecuted of all nations.

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To refer back to my original letter which asked will a human rights lawyer take up the issue of bedroom tax, Mr P. Mulholland stated it wasn’t a human rights issue. That’s OK, his opinion, but Liberty thinks it is and has taken up the case, so my question has been answered.

Thank you for your varied comments to my letter Mr Mulholland. I always welcome fair and honest debate.


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