LETTER: ‘Experts’ help us understand spectacle of football

So Mr Pendle hates football.

We get the message as he makes a habit of banging on about it.

But I would like to take him to task over his column.

His latest lament would seem to be he doesn’t like the – in his own words – pontificating of a “so-called” panel of experts.

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When you watch football, these “so-called” experts are people who have actually played the game, most of them to the very highest international level.

I don’t know who Mr Pendle is, but my guess is he has not kicked a ball in anger since the school playground.

And I also guess he wasn’t very good at it.

But football is not the only sport to use “so-called” experts.

I tuned in to the Sky television coverage of Mr Pendle’s favourite game, Rugby League, over the weekend just to check this out.

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Before, during and after the game someone I had personally heard of called Phil Clarke and someone else called Stevo did exactly what the football, cricket, golf, tennis, motor sport, horse racing and athletics pundits on television and radio do day in and day out.

They offered their expert opinions based on years of involvement of the game to help those of us with a lesser understanding enjoy the spectacle in front of us.

My advice to Mr Pendle is this: if you don’t like the panel of pundits, don’t tune in your television until kick-off time, make a brew at half-time and watch the game with the volume turned down – then he will only have his own “so-called” expert opinion to worry about!

Chris Durham


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