LETTER: Europe threatens UK for £250,000 daily fine

As if we actually needed another reason to leave the EU, it is now threatening the UK with daily fines of £250,000 for failing to implement energy directives.

The European Commission is asking the European Court of Justice to impose fines of more than £91m. a year for failing fully to introduce into British law two directives on how gas and electricity markets operate in the EU.

It is the EU’s obsession with its climate change agenda and impossible emission targets that lies behind our soaring energy prices, which are putting so many people, particularly pensioners, into fuel poverty.

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Interestingly, the EU announced the fines the day after David Cameron’s speech on the EU, but if this is its idea of revenge, hoping to get us to toe the line, the EU has greatly under-estimated the British.

Paul Nuttall,

UKIP North West MEP