LETTER: EU wants to destroy City of London

Bravo for David Cameron - at last he has shown backbone in his dealings with the European Union mafia of Merkozy. His supporters are understandably full of joy following his veto of a proposed new treaty.

However, while at first glance all is looking well, nothing has, nor will, change as a result. We are still ruled by the EU and have to obey their laws and regulations. In fact only a week ago his government caved in on maintaining the EU working time directive.

Without doubt the EU are out to destroy our financial market in the City of London which represents over 35% of our GDP and his veto gesture is unlikely to stop that, due to a majority vote from the other 26 member states.

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While Mr Cameron was left with no choice in his actions, apart from playing to his party faithful, nothing will change as long as the UK remains a member of the EU.

In the meantime he is kidding no one but the fickle.


North West Chairman, UK Independence Party