LETTER: Eddie Howe should read Talking Tactics!

I WRITE in reference to the column produced by Phil Smith, Talking Tactics.

Monday, 19th December 2011, 2:08 pm

The column was first introduced in August, so it is fair to say it has covered the ups and downs of the season thus far.

What is pleasing to note as a reader is his continuing honesty with regards to the fortunes of Burnley Football Club.

That is why I have to totally disregard the opinions of the reader in a previous letters page, who questioned whether Phil worked for Leeds United. Such a comment astounded me as his passion for Burnley comes across in Talking Tactics.

He offers constructive criticism with the aim of making Eddie Howe take note and consider an alternative suggestion and opinion.

A good manager will seek the opinion of others and consider all viewpoints to achieve success. While he may not admit it, I would hazard a guess Eddie has a sneak peek at Talking Tactics each week. If Eddie reads the letters’ page maybe he can provide an answer to my assumption?

My only criticism is the air of mystery which surrounds Phil. Does he have a face? Does he have a method of contact?