LETTER: Does Burnley Council have a ‘litter squad’?

WHEN reading one of the national newspapers on Tuesday, January 29th, the front page news was about “Litter Squads” making millions.

It states 15 councils are employing private firms to spy on and collect fines for people leaving litter about.

When I say “litter” I don’t mean beer cans and bottles etc. They are pulling people up for dropping a cotton thread or match stick and such.

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Can someone tell me if Burnley Council is one of these 15? If so, then Burnley Council needs to check on their refuse collecting team as a blind man could follow the trail of their lorries with all the rubbish pilled on the ground when they empty the bins and boxes and they cannot be bothered to pick it up.

It’s all very well laying out rules and regulations that households must leave their bins in a certain position outside their homes and to do it within a specific time but when it comes to the council doing it right, that’s another matter.

Let’s have it both ways in future and don’t put all the blame on the residents.


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