LETTER: Current cuts are due to Labour mismanagement

WITH reference to Julie Cooper’s letter (Express, June 11th) regarding cuts in youth services, I am amazed at the duplicity.

She doesn’t need to look any further than the Labour Party for the cuts being made, due to the incompetence of her own party in managing the economy.

David Milliband (ex-Foreign Secretary) gives the show away in his speech leaked to The Guardian. He states Labour made serious mistakes in economic policy and regulation, hence the next Government were left a poisoned chalice.

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As there was no single party which could form a Government, the Lib Dems formed a coalition with the Conservatives to bring down the deficit. Because of the collapse of the Greek economy and worries Spain and Portugal could follow, the money markets were restless, therefore the Coalition had to convince them they were serious about reducing the deficit, to do otherwise would have involved the country borrowing money at rates like Greece, with interest rates shooting through the roof.

Vince Cable stated the country was living above its means and was proven right.

Mrs Cooper, you can look no further than your own Labour Party for the cuts in services, which the Coalition are having to implement – in other words sorting out the mess Labour left.

As usual, Labour are doing all the complaining, but don’t offer any solutions.