LETTER: Culvert work has improved life for Barnoldswick residents

“Stanley’s View” on watery matters commented on culverts; these may be out of sight, but certainly not out of mind.

In the 1980s, I was involved with getting the culvert from Ousel Dale under Walmsgate cleared out. Properties in Walmsgate had been flooded a few times because the culvert wasn’t taking the water. When the present park was created, the silted up culvert was dug out. A dustbin had lodged in the culvert, causing the stream to silt up. Councillors went into the culvert to inspect it when the work was finished. A trash screen (later improved) was installed to stop such a blockage recurring.

Elsewhere in Barlick, councillors got the culvert under Ghyll Meadows improved to reduce the risk of flooding after homes were inundated several times. This was a big job which took many months and £300,000 to complete. (The local area committee got the ball rolling with a £5,000 grant for the scheme; it’s the best ratio of match funding from other sources I can think of!)

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The culverted section of Crownest Syke has recently been enlarged and new trash screen installed to help prevent flooding in Edward Street. Extra culvert capacity has also been made to reduce risk of flooding at the Syke. This has cut the chance of flooding, though more needs to be done in this area.

On a wider front, we have successfully battled to retain land drainage expertise within Pendle Council, in spite of sustained attempts from the powers that be to end the service.

All this work has helped reduce the risk of flooding for many people in Barnoldswick. Myself and colleagues have instigated these flood alleviation schemes to reduce the chances of Barlickers homes being flooded. We will continue to keep a watchful eye on drainage issues and take action where needed and when we can.

With extreme weather (floods/drought) becoming the norm, it’s important to do what we can to prevent problems. I suspect mother nature will always have the upper hand, though.

David Whipp

By email