LETTER: County council does sterling job of gritting

During the Christmas period, the two major roundabouts at Gannow Top are included on Lancashire County Council’s priority network for gritting and were treated before and during the snowfall on the Sunday morning. I wanted to let readers know, as a recent letter suggested otherwise.

Gritting Lancashire’s roads, to make them as safe as we can during the winter, is a responsibility which the County Council takes very seriously.

In winter, we monitor weather conditions around the clock so we can react promptly to forecasts of ice and snow.

Our drivers do a sterling job going out in difficult conditions to treat our roads, often in the middle of the night, but it’s important that people understand a road that has been gritted can still be hazardous.

Claims that roads haven’t been gritted when they actually have only obscure the crucial safety message that gritting is not a miracle cure and motorists should always adapt their driving to suit the prevailing road conditions.


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Duncan Reeve

LCC Public Realm manager for Burnley