LETTER: Councillors have ‘do as I say, not do’ mentality

For years, our MPs have worked on the “do as I say, not do as I do” principle, so it is not surprising many councillors appear to do the same.

Recently, the winter edition of Pendle News dropped on my doormat. Cleaner, Greener, Safer, is the headline on page 2 and we are exhorted by Coun. Starkie to help keep Pendle clean and tidy. I don’t mind doing my bit, but is it too much to expect some of our other councillors practice what their colleague preaches? I know of a few who regularly turn a blind eye to grot spots. Do they think it is beneath them to report the mess and have it cleared away?

At great expense to the taxpayer, councillors are provided with Blackberry smart phones. We are also told there is an “app” which can be used to report fly-tipping etc. Surely, while travelling through the borough, if a councillor sees a pile of rubbish or dangerous pavement, or even an out-of-order street light, particularly if it is in their ward, do not they too have a duty to bring it to the attention of the appropriate council department?

Digressing slightly, the cost of delivering the 2012 Waste Collection Calendar has been questioned and rightly so. Would not Pendle taxpayers have been saved a huge amount of money if it had been delivered with the Pendle News? Or once again, is that also too much to expect?


Smith Street, Nelson