LETTER: Councillor’s attendance record at meetings

I would like to take issue with Coun. Mottershead’s comments in his letter regarding my non-attendance of the residents’ meeting held at Whittlefield School.

Neil knows full well I have not been notified of the meetings. I don’t know when the meetings are. My understanding is that a Lib-Dem councillor does the notices. Is this some kind of game Coun. Mottershead is playing? Don’t notify me and then it goes on an election leaflet, ‘Labour Councillor doesn’t attend residents’ meetings’. As I am the Labour councillor in Gannow, that means me. If the residents are not content with having two Lib-Dem councillors attend their meetings, I will be happy to attend.

I have now contacted the headteacher at Whittlefield and she has stated she will notify me of the meetings. The next one has been arranged for June 3rd. Unfortunately, I have other meetings on that night.

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I take my responsibilities seriously and my attendance at meetings is exemplary.

This is a record for statutory meetings from May 1st, 2012, to April 30th, 2013, for Gannow councillors.

Coun. Betsy Stringer – 20 meetings attended out of 20 (100%); Coun. Neil Mottershead – 15 meetings attended out of 20 (75%); and Coun. Charlie Briggs – six meetings attended out of nine (66.67%).

I am not criticising any councillor for non-attendance, there are circumstances when councillors cannot attend meetings. I just would like to show, how I do attend meetings.

Coun. Betsy Stringer

Labour councillor for Gannow ward