LETTER: Come back Brian Rix, all is forgiven!

MEA culpa: I confess! I voted in the police commissioner farce, not scripted by Fielding nor Feydeau, and no Brian Rix!

But I plead at least one mitigating factor; RVBC sent me a postal vote, but not one to my son. Still, at least they now know we have different middle names. Perhaps i forgot to tick the appropriate box, filling in the electoral return.

I also spoiled by ballot paper when i did vote, so I am not a really bad person. It was just too easy.

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Teresa May told us (on Radio 4) that spoilage is not a legitimate tactic. Well, if we all turned up for elections, indicating we had no confidence in any of those who ‘put up’, then they might clear off and allow some decent people to come forward instead of the current clones we now have to choose from.

At national level the clone’s characteristics are: Oxbridge/ banker/ lawyer/ made money/ MP’s aide/ ran a charity or think tank/ wants more money, fiddles expenses. And, we might find people who do not fidle expenses, people who set up decent control systems, unlike Bercow, people who want to serve us.

What a dreamer I am! The papers contain stories about a sacked police chief accused over (force’s corporate) credit card,a shamed peer who spent £286,000 on a council credit card (Essex), elderly people still being mistreated in hgospitals, NHS trusts putting up parking charges, but perhaps most importantly the setting up of a pro-NHS party to target Tory seats in the next election. Let us hope they can bring some response from wherever they stand, in contrast to the stench and sleaze which now envelops us.

In the 19th century there was a story about the Big Stink coming from the the Thames and upsetting the MPs; now the stench is wafting the other way, from the Houses of Parliament.

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Many Brits do now emigrate, not just for money; they wish to live in a place where they might find some real standards. Plus, an absence of multiculturalism, a strong government not giving in to any Tom, Dick or occupant of a £400,000 council house in London, who now wants to exchange, to...?


Fairfield Close


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