LETTER: Climate change scares are just a giant rip-off

i HAVE received a letter informing us about climate change and basically how we can help to stop it from changing.

In two words - we can’t. The climate has changed several times since the planet was formed, going through warm and cool periods and more than one Ice Age. We are told by scientists who know more about it than we ordinary people do and more than Government Ministers profess to know, so why do these people continually bang on about it?

There is one reason and one reason only - money. All the cliches they dream up are designed to get more and more money from us. We are charged what they call a green tax on our use of gas and electricity, supposedly to help save the planet. Rubbish.

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It is one giant rip-off to screw money from us. Carbon footprint, affordable green renewable energy, micro-renewables and talk about looking at alternative low carbon ways of generating energy. We all know what alternatives they are talking about, don’t we?

It means blighting the land with less than useless wind turbines that have to be slowed down if the wind’s too strong or they burst into flames and stop altogether when there’s no wind. Council tax payers’ money can be spent on better things like weekly bin collections, street cleaning, clearing ice and snow from footpaths when the need arises, real police on the beat preventing vandalism.

Why not harness the power of the sea? Wave power - the tide comes in twice a day without fail and we are surrounded by it but fail to use it.

Also, instead of spending millions on useless turbines, why not spend the money on getting the coalmines open that were closed down by Margaret Thatcher?

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Now we have to import billions of tonnes of it. It would create thousands of much-needed jobs for office clerks and the young men of this country currently on benefits, and if they won’t do the job, simple. Stop their benefits. I’m sure there are plenty of Polish and Eastern European workers out there who would jump at the opportunity to earn a good wage.


Ethel Street,