LETTER: Christmas should be a time of peace

THERE is the usual perennial idiot question: “Did you have a good Christmas?”

Monday, 2nd January 2012, 10:47 am

What else! After weeks, sometimes months, of frenetic getting ready. And what is a good Christmas?

Pubs heaving on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! A good Christmas – booze, yahooing, clamour, hilarity. The pagan public of England!

I know many places on the Continent where pubs and other public places are closed at Christmas. It is instead a time of peace to be enjoyed within the home. And the celebrations are for the New Year, as “Hogmanay” for our Scottish neighbours or “Sylvester” on the Continent.

And don’t forget the charm of the (mainly) Johann Strauss New Year’s Day Concert from Vienna, screened on BBC2.


St Chad’s Avenue,