LETTER: Cars for sale on our streets

I, ALONG with many of your readers, will be grateful to the thoughtless, arrogant and selfish correspondents writing with regards to parking on the pavement, highlighted by a photo of a car in Sabden.

I have therefore measured the pavement outside my house and sadly can only get half of my car on it, leaving just enough room for a three-inch person to pass by with little difficulty, but resulting in people with prams or trolleys etc. having to take an alternative route.

However my disappointment was short-lived when I realised that after measuring the road I could park my car in the middle of it and still leave room for cars to pass by on either side. I have informed the local shops to expect a sharp rise in tape measure sales as your readers take to measuring the pavement to see if it can accomodate a number of 1.67 cars.

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Finally, while on the subject of cars, am I alone in finding the growing problem of people using the roads of our towns and cities as car showrooms? With all the free adverts available there surely is no need for this. They park their cars on many roads and just leave them festooned with “FOR SALE” signs, and some are obviously traders so it would be interesting to learn if any laws are being broken here as they really are a blot on the lanscape.

I know our recently-retired and excellent local police officer Cliff Woodcock kept on top of this and many other issues and is greatly missed by myself and many other Clitheroe residents.


Chatburn Road, Clitheroe

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