LETTER: Car drivers have it easy on our roads

What is it that motorists have against cyclists?

Motorists in general are the least skilled of all road users. There are many who haven’t even passed the driving test despite having a legal licence (I refer here to those eligible before the driving test was made compulsory in 1935 and those who applied during the Second World War between 1939 and 1946).

Others will not have opened a copy of the Highway Code since passing the test and most are proud to boast they’ve picked up so many bad habits they wouldn’t pass a current driving test should they, God forbid, have to take one.

It is this very class of user which is quick to criticise the foibles of other users, particularly cyclists. Most motorists, however, will have ridden a bicycle at some time and I suggest those man enough should get on one again and realise the danger the incompetent car driver puts other users in.

Until we adopt the attitude of the Dutch people and change our mentality towards other vulnerable road users cyclists will occasionally and of necessity ride on paths but this most times isn’t possible because of illegally parked cars!

Two wheeled users need to look after themselves, heavy vehicle drivers have regular assessments and medicals for fitness to drive; car drivers rely on self-assessment only.