LETTER: Cancer charity cash will help Stampede clinical trial

Members of the Nelson and Barrowford committee of Cancer Research UK, along with their many helpers and friends, have had another successful fund-raising year, with the sum of over £14,600 collected in the Pendle area to the year ended March 31st. Thanks go to the numerous people who have donated so generously throughout the year.

At the committee’s recent AGM it was decided all funds raised this year would go to support a local initiative currently under way at Burnley General hospital.

The “Stampede” clinical trial as it is called, involves treating men with prostate cancer with a combination of drugs for up to two years, with a follow up period of a number of years. Over 3,000 men in the UK and overseas are to be included in the trial, which will consider whether the drugs used in combination with hormone therapy, is more effective than the traditional hormone therapy alone at preventing relapse and improving survival.

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As well as investigating the effectiveness of the new drug combinations, the trial will look at the patients’ quality of life whilst receiving treatment.

The committee felt this was an exciting project. It will be rewarding to be able to say all monies raised are going to a local clinical trial, and that men in the Pendle area will potentially benefit by being involved in this extensive trial.