LETTER: Can the Conservatives find a local candidate?

The last District Elections were just over two years ago.

It didn’t appear remarkable then that a Conservative who won one of the two seats in the Littlemoor Ward where I live in Clitheroe was from Read. But then we didn’t have the dash for Housing on Green Fields we have now. Conservatives could win in many cases regardless of who, or where, from.

Last October I involved myself in the hope of denying 48 houses on the field behind us that at the time had cattle on it. This Conservative didn’t come to the Planning Committee when asked by me (she did send someone else) and when I checked she hadn’t and didn’t come to many Committee Meetings anyway – in fact not one council meeting. She has now not attended anything in six months and has ceased to be a councillor.

Just a few weeks ago, at the county elections, a Conservative took the Clitheroe seat from the sitting Liberal Democrat, but, more to the point, narrowly beat Steve Rush who surprisingly stood not as UKIP as previously, but as an Independent. The forthcoming by-election in Littlemoor Ward should be extremely interesting.

Can the Conservatives find a local candidate (and someone who will turn up) and will Steve Rush continue as an Independent?


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Not forgetting the Liberal Democrats, whose sitting Littlemoor representative (who was and still is on Planning Committee) gave me sterling support and whose losing candidate was and no doubt still is a very worthy contender on planning and other issues.

So watch this space.

Bruce Dowles,

Whalley Road, Clitheroe