LETTER: British people are being ignored over Europe

Your newspaper on Friday, November 4th, had a piece written by our MP, Andrew Stephenson.

He was writing about the proposed boundary changes and how he is against them. People have short memories. I remember a few years ago getting a leaflet from the Boundaries Commission asking different questions about which option people preferred. The option I wanted and, I suspect, most other people also wanted was not on the table.

He also says: “We need to be well represented in Parliament to be sure these issues can be addressed”.

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In my opinion, the British people are ignored by all three main parties who kow-tow to their masters in Brussels. They ignore the petitions by people all over the country asking for a vote to get our country back.

Have they forgotten, we fought two world wars to avoid this situation and they have signed various treaties which have given it away to the EU? In this case, the pen was indeed mightier than the sword.