LETTER: Bring back hanging, flogging and the stocks

There has been a large number of murders recently of both adults and children by evil, cold and calculating killers, who are not fit to belong to any civilised society.

We then have another category of people and yobs, etc. doing untold damage and getting away with their crimes, which includes beating others for no reason.

Let’s not forget animal cruelty, as they cannot speak for themselves and rely on people to look after them.

We have a government that should give a referendum for a return of capital punishment to fit the crime.

Hanging is suitable for criminals who show no mercy to others. Flogging and the stocks should be returned. This is the only way forward, as everything else has been tried and has failed.

We have seen idiots before the court 80 and 100 times with the same sob story and let off with no punishment. What a rubbish system we have. Prisons should be a place to fear, with no one wanting to return.


Livingstone Street,