LETTER: Brierfield Town Council meeting ‘a joke’

MAY I, through your paper, express my disgust after attending a meeting of Brierfield Town Council Finance Committee, on August 28th.

The meeting, at best, was a joke, and the treatment of Coun. Mrs Tomlinson regarding an apology she rightly deserved was ignored. Also ignored was the question as to why her name was removed as an authorised signature for the bank.

The reception for a request for a grant from the Brierfield and Reedley Action group towards the Jubilee Wall was met with equal distain. This, like most things, has been put on the back boiler for long enough.

Anything to improve Brierfield that is not suggested by some of our councillors gets refused. Although I am no longer a resident of Brierfield I lived there most of my life, and still have an affinity with the town.