LETTER: Blackburn Royal Hospital treatment was excellent

UNFORTUNATELY, it was necessary for me to be admitted to Blackburn Royal Hospital on June 14th, with chest pains and problems with respiration.

I was somewhat concerned about being admitted to Blackburn after reading, on more than one occasion, of deprived care, amenities and lacking adequate food.

I was firstly admitted to the assessment unit where my mind was put at rest, I found all of the staff had a friendly, knowledgable and professional duty of care for patients. Later that day, I was transferred to ward C4 on the third floor, a short walk from the lift for people visiting patients. The staff on C4 were again, friendly and extremely professional. Also, the ward was exceptionally clean and comfortable, all amenities were clearly marked and substantial.

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With regards to the food menu, various prime alternatives were on offer daily. Being a Lancashire chap, I strongly recommend the beef stew and dumplings, not to mention the risotto, both were delicious. Hence, I would like to say a huge thank-you to all of the staff on ward C4 at Blackburn Royal Hospital.