LETTER: Being gay isn’t an issue for young people

I FELT I had to respond to John Rowe’s drivel in your paper, mainly on same-sex marriage. He says “the Conservative Party in particular promotes ideas such as same-sex marriage at its peril” and goes on to essentially say gay people should not be allowed a family.

To suggest anyone should be denied a family, or any child should be offered a loving home because the parents are gay in today’s world is crazy.

There has been a lot of rubbish spewed out in the press about same-sex marriage and you know what, nobody bothered to ask the young people what they think. It’s the same demographic of people shouting the loudest.

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I’m a 19-year-old who’s been brought up round here and I’ll tell you what John, to people my age it doesn’t matter one bit whether you’re gay, straight or not really sure.

Society has moved on since the dark ages you talk about throughout your letter. In fact, to most people my age it hasn’t even registered as an issue at all for them.

Modern Britain is much more inclusive. I have friends who are gay. They aren’t my gay friends. They are just my friends. We want to live in an equal society where we all have the same chances.

I don’t think people of my generation will think David Cameron has done this “at his peril”.

They’ll think it’s fair, and remember that it was he who made society a better place for it. In fact, it might even win him more votes from younger people!