LETTER: Astonishing defence of immigration policies

It is quite astonishing that the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is defiant in defending his immigration policies that has led to a massive influx of people from EU member states settling here, and in many cases taking advantage of our generous welfare system.

In fact, he was following the EU’s policy of open borders, the consequences of which have divided communities, put unacceptable strains on our infrastructure, including schools, NHS, housing, water, energy and jobs for our own workers.

His administration got the figures wrong on how many would arrive from the Eastern EU countries, who came in their droves.

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And we will bear witness to this again as Romanians and Bulgarians will soon be allowed to have the same rights.

It is time we took back control of our borders and immigration policies.

We are a small country with limited resources and cannot allow the current situation to continue.

The Blair Government has cost us millions of pounds in paying for the additional resources required for the millions who have settled here since the European floodgates were opened.

Instead of defending his actions, the former Prime Minister should be apologising for them, as Ed Miliband is now doing.


North West Chairman,

UK Independence Party