LETTER: Actions of young yobs are not ‘larking around’

I WAS surprised to read the comments by Mayor of Padiham Coun. Bob Clark about the activities of groups of youths roaming the streets in areas of the town (Express Tuesday, January 17th.)

I know from my work with a local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme the vast majority of right-minded people do not think of this kind of activity by groups of youths as being “boisterous” or “just larking about”. I wonder, if Coun. Clark had a rock thrown though his window, his car vandalised on his drive or his garden ruined by youths jumping over to reclaim the football they have kicked over his fence, would he still take the same conciliatory attitude towards the perpetrators?

As regards youths throwing missiles at cars from the Green Lane bridge, if he thinks this kind of action is “a low level problem” he must be out of his mind. This is an extremely dangerous form of behaviour and recent occurrences have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries.

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It is bad enough that over the last 30-odd years, politicians of all parties in Parliament have stripped away the ability of parents, teachers and the police to instil any form of discipline in young people as they grow up without Coun. Clark legitimising their behaviour with his ill-considered and unhelpful public statements.

Victor Jull